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File upload – php script + SWFUpload (JS + Flash client side file upload)

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  1. Paprastas įvadinis tutorial:
  2. PHP Upload scriptas class.upload.php, jį galima naudot tiesiog failo uploadinimui, arba jei failas yra paveiksliukas (jpg,png,gif,bmp), tada galima juo manipuliuoti (convert, resize, play with colors, add borders, labels and watermarks). GPL licenzija. Komercijai 15 Euru.
  3. SWFUpload – opensource JS + Flash file upload script :
    SWFUpload is a JavaScript Library that wraps the Flash Player’s upload function. It brings your uploads to the next level with Multiple File Selection, Upload Progress and Client-side File Size Checking.
    Unlike other Flash upload tools, SWFUpload leaves the UI in the developer’s hands. Using a set of event handlers developers can display upload progress and status to the user in their own HTML/CSS UI.
    • Multiple File Selection

    • File Upload Progress

    • Custom Limits for File Size and Number of Uploads

    • Filter by File Type ie. *.jpg

    • File Queue

    • Customize the Browse Control

    • Flash 10 Support (Starting with Version 2.2.0)

    • Client-Side Image Resizing (JPG & PNG) (Starting with Version 2.5.0)



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