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Tinklapio pašalinimas iš google paieškos rezultatų, kai tu nesi tinklapio savininkas

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Anksčiau rašiau, kaip atnaujinti tinklapio kopiją google paieškoje  (“google cache”), kai tu nesi to tinklapio savininkas:

Gavau nevieną pasiteiravimą, iš kurių matyti kad žmonės maišo google paieškos rezultatą ir tinklapio kopiją google paieškoje (ang. google cache).

Skirtumą paaiškina sekantis pavyzdys:
Google paieškoje galiu susirasti tinklapį su konfidencialia informacija. Bet paspaudus surastą nuorodą atsidarys tuščias puslapis su užrašu “404 Page not found”. Tai reiškia kad tinklapis jau ištrintas, bet google paieška vistiek jį randa, remiantis senesne informacija. Negana to google dar saugo pas save to tinklapio kopiją ir ją galima peržiųrėti paspaudus “Cached” nuorodą:


Kaip pašalinti tinklapį iš google paieškos rezultatų

Gavau nevieną užklausimą, kaip visiškai pašalinti tinklapį iš google.

Atminkite: Visiškai pašalinti tinklapį iš google paieškos, kai nesate to tinklapio savininkas, galite tik dviem būdais:

1) Nusiųsti google’ui įrodymus apie pažeistas jūsų teises.

2) Su tinklapio administratoriaus pagalba (juk būtų nelogiška, jei bet kuris žmogus galėtų paprašyti ištrinti pvz. Delfi portalą iš google paieškos Smile)

Čia rašysiu tik apie antrajį variantą, t.y. su tinklapio administratoriaus pagalba.

Tinklapio administratorius turi atlikti vieną iš sekančių veiksmų.

  • Visiškai pašalinti tinklapį. If the page no longer exists, make sure that the server returns a 404 (Not Found) or 410 (Gone) HTTP status code. This will tell Google that the page is gone and that it should no longer appear in search results.
  • Palikti puslapį, bet pakeisti robots.txt failą, kad google paieškoje jo neberodytų. If the page still exists but you don’t want it to appear in search results, use robots.txt to prevent Google from crawling it. Note that in general, even if a URL is disallowed by robots.txt we may still index the page if we find its URL on another site. However, Google won’t index the page if it’s blocked in robots.txt and there’s an active removal request for the page.
  • Palikti puslapį, naudoti “noindex” žymę. Alternatively, you can use a noindex meta tag. When we see this tag on a page, Google will completely drop the page from our search results, even if other pages link to it. This is a good solution if you don’t have direct access to the site server. (You will need to be able to edit the HTML source of the page).

In addition, if you want a non-HTML file (for example, a downloadable PDF) to be removed from search results, you or the webmaster should ensure that the file is removed from the server. Once it’s gone, use the process below to request that the page is completely removed from search results.

Po šių administratoriaus veiksmų jūs turite atlikti sekančius veiksmus:

  1. Go to
  2. If you’re not immediately taken to the ‘Create a new request’ page, click New Removal Request.
  3. Type the URL of the webpage you want removed (not the Google search results URL or cached page URL). Note that the URL is case-sensitive—you will need to submit the URL using exactly the same characters and the same capitalization that the site uses. How to find the right URL. Click Continue.
  4. Click Webmaster has already blocked the page.
  5. Select the checkbox to confirm the requirements listed in this article have been completed, and then click Submit Request.

Dabar belieka laukti, kol automatinis google procesas atsinaujins savo duomenis.

Nuorodos – Remove a page or site from Google’s search results



TSQL script to delete all MSSQL schema objects

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declare @schema varchar(200)
select @schema = ‘AUTH’

‘DROP ‘ + case
    when o.xtype = ‘U’ then ‘TABLE’
    when o.xtype = ‘V’ then ‘VIEW’
    when o.xtype = ‘P’ then ‘PROCEDURE’
    when o.xtype = ‘FN’ then ‘FUNCTION’
    end + ‘ ‘ + + ‘.’ + as SQL
    sys.sysobjects as o
    join sys.schemas as s on o.uid = s.schema_id
where = @schema and
    o.xtype in (‘U’,’V’,’P’,’FN’)
DECLARE @Statement nvarchar(4000) 
OPEN DeleteStatements 
    FETCH NEXT FROM DeleteStatements INTO @Statement 
    EXEC (@Statement) 
CLOSE DeleteStatements 
DEALLOCATE DeleteStatements 


A New Task Scheduler Class Library for .NET

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Links: ASP.NET image optimization & CSS variables

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Sprite and Image Optimization Preview 3
The ASP.NET Sprite and Image Optimization framework is designed to decrease the amount of time required to request and display a page from a web server by performing a variety of optimizations on the page’s images.

Dynamic CSS for .NET. Write regular CSS with your .NET apps, then add a few variables, mixins and nested rules.


Tip&Trick: Xslt and multi-line text in HTML, WordML

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The code below shows how to convert linebreak to <br/>. You can easily adopt this template to convert linebreak to anything else.

Use this template to substitude newlines in HTML:

<xsl:template name="br">
    <xsl:param name="text"/>
        <xsl:when test="contains($text,'
            <xsl:value-of select="substring-before($text,'
            <xsl:call-template name="br">
                <xsl:with-param name="text">
                    <xsl:value-of select="substring-after($text,'
            <xsl:value-of select="$text"/>

And call it upon your text item like this:

<xsl:call-template name="br">
    <xsl:with-param name="text" select="somenode/mytext"/>



Article: Version Control for Multiple Agile Teams

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Knockout: JS MVVM

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Simplify dynamic JavaScript UIs by applying the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern


4guysfromrolla: 2010’s Most Popular Articles

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LESS: Improved CSS – variables, mixins, nested rules, operations

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Article: Setting up Subversion (SVN) on Windows

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Išbandžiau, veikia, bent jau ant lokalaus kompo.


Behavior-Driven Development with SpecFlow and WatiN

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Slash your ASP.NET compile/load time without any hard work

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MS Office Word 2007 automation on Windows 2008 server

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Jei gaunama klaida: [Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {000209FF-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 80070005] reikia suteikt admin teises NETWORK SERVICE (arba tam, kuris nurodytas AppPool “Identity” nustatyme) accountui. DCOMCfg suteikt tam useriui “Local Launch” ir “Local Activation” teises.


Jei Open() metodas grazina null:

ApplicationClass WordApp = new ApplicationClass();
Document aDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(…);

Reikia sukurt katalogus:

・Windows 2008 Server x64


・Windows 2008 Server x86



Tool: Secure erase disc drives (hdd, usb, sd,…) (Disc Wipe) – Free

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A successful Git branching model

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How to disable browser’s autocomplete (eg. saving password) feature via HTML

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HTML example:
<input type=”password” AUTOCOMPLETE=”off”>
jQuery example:
$("input[type=password]").each(function() {
    $(this).attr('AUTOCOMPLETE', 'off');
NOTE: It seems that ‘AUTOCOMPLETE’ property is case sensitive. It doesn’t work when I use {autocomplete=’off’}.


DENIM: pen-based sketching tool for designing user interfaces

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DENIM is an outgrowth of the original SILK project, a pen-based sketching tool for designing user interfaces. SILK combines many of the benefits of paper-based sketching with existing electronic prototyping tools. It allows designers to quickly sketch an interface using an electronic pad and stylus…



Article: Cross domain single sign on

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Article: Truncating a text string in ASP.NET to fit within a given pixel width

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Source: Truncating a text string in ASP.NET to fit within a given pixel width

Article: ASP.NET Runtime Impersonation

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… how to move an uploaded file from an ASP.NET server to a file server on the network. The answer is of course by impersonating…

Source: Back to Basic – ASP.NET Runtime Impersonation

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